An Entrepreneur’s Road

Sometimes. As an entrepreneur the road is rocky with blocks you never anticipated and you wonder…why continue? And you wonder…did I really make a difference? And you wonder…where is the next assignment? You wonder…did the check really get lost in the mail — USPS or digital?

Then. What might appear a small gesture fills your heart and helps you to understand you have made
an impact helping others. Sometimes it’s a simple thank you from a client for a job well done. Sometimes the people you touch are from the other side of the world who you have never met.

You. Smile, sigh and go on. A little lighter. A little more secure in your work and in yourself.

Please allow me to share with you the following tweet from a company, with a funny name – Bugs & Fishes. The company is comprised of 3 young women based in Pune, India. Although it’s my story, it is probably many of yours as well. 

The road of the freelancer, independent consultant, small business owner travels is sure to have its unique challenges but there are some nice surprises too.

Your homework – reach out to someone you have worked with and offer them a simple gesture. It may be a thank you note, a thank you tweet or perhaps a little chocolate kiss. It’s a good thing to do.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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