A Litte Red Fish Could Bring Wells Fargo Big Dividends

With the increase in cool technology from VR (virtual reality) to social channels like Snapchat, Marketing grows more complex.

Customers are becoming more tech savvy as well. Building trusted relationships in the digital world continues to be a challenge.

How does a brand show authenticity without typical offline people cues?

For those of us who live so much of our lives online, we sometimes forget that face-to-face interactions with customers often are a challenge too. Sitting across the desk from a brand’s representative can be a time consuming and sometimes tense experience for both the rep and the customer.

A small unexpect gesture can turn an ordinary business exhange into a more pleasurable brand experience.

Recently I visited a local branch of Wells Fargo. My request was fairly simple and rather mundane. I sat patiently but a bit bored I must admit, as the rep searched his computer for answers to my question. Then I noticed a little vase the rep had turned into a small aquarium. A pretty, red fish was swimming ’round. In that split second my time at the bank turned into a pleasurable and memorable customer communication experience.

I call this a  “customer communication experience” because at that point “the rep” became “Joel.” We began a conversation beyond banking that humanized the bank for me. Joel told me that he thought his fish, which the tellers named Jinx, helped lower stress and tensions — for both him and his customers. I agree.

Innovative. Easy. Inexpensive. Fun.

Marketing and Customer Care Ideas

If Joel’s management were paying attention to the small details at its branch they might see the huge dividends a little, red fish could bring. Wells Fargo might create tiny branded logo wagons to add to Jinx the fish’s home. Perhaps branded little aquariums begin to appear at more branches bringing smiles to customers. Bringing business to the branch. It’s fun to think of the impact a tiny fish might have humanizing a huge, international financial institution.

Your homework ~ look at your work environment with a different lens. What small gesture that you or your colleauges are doing right now brings customer smiles? How can it be scaled? Just asking. 

How does a brand show authenticity with typical offline people cues?

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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