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Speaking at #XPotomac14 on broadcast and print media adoption of digital and social media through the power of storty telling. ~ Those who tell the stories shape our lives. Shamless brag .. I trended on DC Twitter. How cool is that?!:

Talking about social story telling at XPotomac14 Washington DC

Toby Bloomberg, President Bloomberg Marketing and Co-founder Diva Foodies

Please excuse the all about me. me. me. When we talk it will be all about You!

I have been recognized for my expertise in combining digital media with traditional marketing values (strategy, consumer insights/research, and segmentation) while maintaining conversation authenticity. I believe all marketing tactics should be accountabile for achieving business goals… even social media and personal branding.

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My adventures in social media began in 2004, with the launch of my award winning blog Diva Marketing ( My imagination soared with thoughts on how this (not so new now!) media could create old-fashioned, corner-grocer-store relationships and real-time customer service in a world that has forgotten the importance of putting people first.

As part of my consulting work I have provided digital strategy direction/execution, training and mentoring to thousands of marketers from junior level to senior leadership. I have had the honor of serving a wide range of clients from Fortune 100 brands to nonprofits, higher education, government, entrepreneurs/small business owners.

Social Media Marketing GPS

They said it couldn’t be done. I said I’m trying it anyway! Thus was launched a book not about Twitter but on Twitter. I am the author of the innovative eBook Social Media Marketing GPS – 40 interviews with marketing pros conducted on Twitter.

My newest venture is the co-founder of Diva Foodies, a sister company to Bloomberg Marketing, that serves the food industry. I have worked with clients in hospitality including food and municipalities so this is not a big stretch.  What it is – is an intentional focus. We are delighted to work with people who are extremely passionate about their business e.g. foodprenerus, chefs, cookbook authors, media companies and caterers. We help grow the business through digital strategies… creating marketing roadmaps and helping with execution. Of course, at the core of all initiatives are ensuring brand value and end result accountability.

Diva Foodies hosts the popular Tweet Chat #FoodTVChat. It’s the only Twitter chat bringing TV Chefs Contestants and audience/fans together in a quick paced digital conversation.

The Diva Foodies web site provides insights, reviews, interviews and marketing ideas.

Diva Foodies also offers innovative training and coaching to foodprenreurs in a unique program – The Food Makers’ Studio.

While there maybe other workshops and coaching services for Food Makers, this is the only program that integrates both digital marketing training with follow-up technical assistance in one dish ~ so to speak!

A "Doodle" created by @DavidCohen as a thank you for a podcast we did together. Very cool!

Busy tweeting or perhaps writing a blog post! Thanks to David S. Cohen, Doodles and Doodle-Bombs, for the sketch.

A Yankee from Boston, I am now living in the South and developing an appreciation for grits (especially shrimp & grits!); but I must admit I still prefer lobster and ice cream cones with jimmies.

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A cherished honor from my peers! Atlanta Day Book Atlanta Social Media Women Names Toby Bloomberge Its 2011 Social Media Marketing Leader

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