Brand Value Through The Hole In A Bagel

“Without the hole there is no whole.”

It’s funny how an odd thought or random comment can lead to an interesting insight. I was doing a web research for a client project and came across the above quote on a food board.

Hmmm… Hole. Whole. Sipping my morning coffee and I thought of how nice a fresh from the oven bagel would be to munch on. Then the strategy assignment I was working on took my thoughts in a different direction.

What is central to your brand value that without it would change your product or service?

In marketing, we talk about features, benefits, customer experience and the multiple attempts we put into play to communicate with our customers. Every once in awhile we look at how our brand value ties into our organization’s values.

However, like it or not your brand has a perceived brand value (beyond the dollar cost). If you are savvy it is baked into your overall branding and product/service creation.

For example, for one of my food clients, chez Montier, the brand value is Chef Juan Montier’s big, caring personality. Take that away and the brand changes. The recipes may remain the same but the perception of the brand will be different.

It’s a family affair with wife Judith Service Montier, son Austin and Chef Juan

As a company grows, many small businesses struggle with maintaining what I might call “brand value personality.”  It’s critical to long-range success to look at the hole in the whole. The effort could just point you in the direction of the allusive differential advantage. A bit Zen perhaps but you get the idea.

Your homework – at your next marketing strategy meeting or retreat take time to explore and identify the value/s of your brand that if taken away would change your product of service. Be sure to serve bagels (or donuts would be fun too!) to complete the experience!

P.s. If you need help designing the session — let’s talk over bagels or donuts and coffee of course!

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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