Thank you for the kind words!

And the 0pportunity to present and teach workshops about my passsion —  

SociaMmedia Marketing. 





I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous insight you shared with us yesterday during the AMA social     media session. You inspired me and had so much  excellent advice for all ranges of social media     experience in the room. You have a remarkable talent  and engaging teaching style. Last night I     returned home to officially set up my own twitter account! I owe that to you! ~Meg Salzetta Global Director of Marketing Ernst & Young

What truly distinguishes Toby from all of her peers, is that she understands the marketing and communications fundamentals behind each social media trend. Michael Fahey Morning Producer NECN

Toby has been my absolute go-to social media mentor since 2005, when I started Chrysler Group LLC’s social media operation. Toby is a creative expert on social media, marketing, measurement and analytics. Ed Garsten, Head, Chrysler Digital Media at Chrysler LLC

I consider Toby Bloomberg a pioneer in helping others to enter and master the digital space. Judith Service Montier, COO Chez Montier, Inc.

I knew when I heard you at the AMA conference in January that you would be a timely addition to the Compete Through Service program, and you certainly did not disappoint me or the attendees fortunate to come to one of your break outs! Thank you, Toby, for being an important part of the recent symposium’s success. Steve Brown, Executive Director and Professor of Marketing at W. P. Carey School of Business

Toby is a fantastic business leader. She has a special expertise in what people are looking for through social media and best practices of how to market oneself personally. She is the best in the business and it is my privilege to have worked with her. Highly recommend her for all Digital projects within a business. Toby you rock! – Kimberly Gordon, Microsoft

Your expertise that you shared with us was very valuable and in same way “PRICELESS” Thank you so much for introducing myself and M/A/R/C Research to the world of Blogging. As you know, I was very skeptical at first but I must admit we are enjoying being part of the Blogging community. Merrill Dubrow, CEO M/A/R/C Research

Her presentation was fun, informative rich and I’d recommend Toby to anyone interested in getting the scoop on blogging. – Lorin R. Robinson, 3M

 Thank you for such an informative and inspiring workshop experience. I had so many key takeaways     and look forward to implementing them into our new social media strategy.Thank you for such a     great first AMA conference experience! – Amber Kapish, Cox Media

Thank you again for the wonderful presentation on social media to our group of attorneys. The     program was very well received based on the feedback we got from our attorneys, and I very much     enjoyed it too.  – Lisa Lemke, Director of Placement Counsel On Call

Toby was informative, enthusiastic, and energetic. She got us all thinking and talking about social media and its place in B2B and B2C marketing. I would definitely recommend her to other conference and workshop organizers.  – University of GA Professor and conference chair Karen Russell 

Toby Bloomberg would be issuing an elightening speech for the organization  on what would be an eye-opening event for me called “Blogging and Personal Branding. Benjamin Kepner, Student at UGA about the impact my presentation made on his thinking regarding marketing and personal branding.

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about your presentation.Kara Neureuther, Program Chair American Marketing Association Charleston SC Chapter

“I was blown away with all your case studies. Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful presentation & for volunteering your time to do this. I will start a whisper blog to get my feet wet now – something I likely would have thought a lot about before vs. something I may now actually take action on.” – Particpant at American Marketing Association Marketing Workshop 

Tweets from New Media Atlanta conference attendees.

Thanks, the presentation was perfect to get us all thinking and planning for the next phase of our marketing plans. I really appreciate you both working within our budget and preparing a relevant and information session. I am inspired to start my own blog! – Denise Meng SignARama Duluth BillboardDiva

Your presentation was engaging, practical and useful. I was impressed with the creativity of your slides which were both informative and educational – a great combination.  In addition you spent time finding slides that were customized to our group. You were very approachable, knowledgeable and generous with sharing of your wisdom. You gave clear guidance that we could immediately use.  Your presentation was more in depth than most I have heard which give very basic and superficial information that is obviously only a bait to entice you to buy their services. You appeared sincere and wanted to give us information we can use — which we can. I will highly recommend you as a speaker. And you did it again Toby – with including this special made presentation for me on this coach. You model what you teach beautifully!  – Jennifer Whittaker, Halogenex

Just wanted to say thank you for the post, the links and for giving a great talk at the show! Seriously everyone I have spoke to has raved about the talk you and Mark gave. Can’t wait to do it all again next year. Blog on! Rick Calvert, Conference Owner BlogWorld

Your presentation was excellent. You communicate on a deep level that goes beyond words. You are   a natural teacher that delivers more than an expert grasp of subject, but a ‘something’ that demonstrates a personal clarity that few possess. Michael Squires, Softscribe, Inc.

Girl, you are The Marketing Diva Guru!!!!  Our New Media Nouveaux conference was a resounding success and it is your participation that made it so!  Your knowledge, expertise and insight into new media, social media, marketing and emerging and evolving trends had the audience riveted. We hope that you will consider joining us again as a speaker should we offer a related program of the new media topics we discussed and explored during our conference. Cynthia H. de Lorenzi, Success In The City

Toby is an amazing professional woman whose name is synonymous with the world of Social Media! She is truly a marketing DIVA, who knows the insides and outs of social media and all that it encompasses. She is well known in Atlanta for her expertise on this subject, and has won many awards from her colleagues, which shows a mutual respect of and recognition for her capabilities in this emerging mode of communication.

I call her CTO, AKA Chief Twitter Officer of Wind Enterprises, or Chief Twitterer for short, but make no mistake, I ALWAYS call her! ANYTIME I need someone to Tweet, Twitter, or Link me In…..she is the one to do it. I highly recommend Toby to lead your organization’s way into the ever-changing new world of global interpersonal communications called Social Media…you will be forever grateful that you did!Linda Wind, Wind Enterprise, The Possible Woman Conference

Toby is a true marvel! She was there at the dawning of the Web (’97), counseling us and helping us coax our large corporate client into the new media era. She’s got serious, hard-earned “street cred.” Her commitment to Social Media far antedates the use of the term. She combines hands-on, practical wisdom with rigorous research skills. Plus, she’s always such a joy to work with!Mitch Messer, Home Pride Properties

Having worked with Toby for a number of years, I can attest to the power of her passion, knowledge and drive. If you know someone who is transitioning from start-up to growing concern, looking to expand into domestic and international markets (retail and otherwise), starting, considering starting a food production, beverage or ingredient business – Please, please do them a huge favour and have them reach out to Toby. – Kell Sloan, Director of Sales and Marketing, Best Western, Canada

Working with Toby Bloomberg has been and continues to be an amazing experience. She embraced the challenge of developing a Strategic Plan for Social Media in a “shy” environment, a nonprofit, human service agency. She performed her due diligence with the highest level of professionalism, interviewing our lay leadership, selected staff and stakeholders. 

Her process was impeccable, as were her results. Not only did she create a document that was well thought out and detailed, she participated in the process of “teaching” staff and our professional lay leaders the vital lessons around the importance of social media and the need for our organization to move into this realm. In addition to making a comprehensive presentation to our Board of Directors, she actively participated in the “launch event” for staff. Her guidance continues to direct our efforts in this arena. We are honored to have her commitment and passion for our organization. And, I am certain that she embraces every project with this same level of dedication and expertise. Her integrity is sterling.Brenda Fiske, CMO JF&CS Atlanta