From Animation To Real Life – The Journey of a Foodpreneur!

Our experiences and passions somehow prepare us for the next in our careers. However, often times the road take unexpected twists and turns. This is the tale of a woman whose joy in creating stories was the path to a new and exciting adventure.

Marci Heit is a voice-over artist and a content creator for animation. A puppet show, a spunky 90-year old woman and her own imagination led Marci to develop a unique cartoon about a spirited little girl named Quinn Daisy aka Q.D. who loves cooking but just happens to be blind.

As the concept of Q.D. Foodie evolved Marci designed adorable, kitchen tools for Q.D. and her friends. The utensils reinforced one of the show’s themes… the joy and fun of cooking. The set included eggplant whisks, carrot spoons, artichoke measuring cups and even banana measuring spoons!

Then Marci had another idea… why not bring the utensils into the real world?! Thus began her adventure into the world of a foodpreneur!

Although Marci is in the startup stages, I asked her what advice she would give to people who wanted to step into the the world of foodpreneurship. After reading her story, you’ll agree her suggestions are from the heart and reflect Marci’s passions.

“Have your product or service truly reflect your story and who you are. Your own story will naturally bring with it a passion that will keep you going, and those together will engage your audience.

Love what you are doing. It’s a long haul.”

For the rest of the story, click over to the exclusive interview she gave me on Diva Foodies. Watch for the Kickstarter campaign to begin in April.

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Author: Toby Bloomberg

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